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I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you so much, baby. I can’t believe you’re 33 now!

I’ve fallen in love with you since the first time I heard your voice.

That raspy rough voice of yours.

And when you smile, it’s like everything just simply stops. You have the best smile ever!


Oh baby, now you’re a 33 year old daddy! Awwwwwww

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If someone ever ask me who all time low is i will show them this photo

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“I went to school in drag, in art school and my day was completely different because everybody thought I was a chick. You should see me as a chick. So I went as a girl, as like an experiment and it worked really well and everyone was really nice to me but I couldn’t talk obviously…you know train conductors were really cool to me on my commute…HA! I looked hot as a chick!” 
― Gerard Way

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anonymous asked: alex gaskarth or jeremy mckinnon?
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Attempted boob grab victims 2k14

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I ’m just gonna take this highway as far as it goes, and find a road and take it as far as it goes and then find a path and walk it, ‘till there’s no path and I’m completely surrounded by woods. And then I’m gonna step into the wilderness. Live on berries and shit. Not botherin’ anybody, not hurtin’ anything. It’s something I have to do, man. Because I’m a first class passenger on this spaceship ‘Earth’, and I got one ticket and I gotta make the ride count, y’know? And… as far as I figure, you can either take the service road or the scenic route and, man, if I only have one ride I want it to be beautiful. And if nobody ever hears from me again, it’ll be okay. And if nobody ever knows where I am, I won’t mind. ‘Cause I’ll know where I am, and that’s the most important thing.”

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