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Then introduce a deadly disease to their family

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James Michael screenshots made by me.
Please don’t steal by reposting them. It’s kinda hard to do this on iPod you know.

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Sometimes I draw
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Very die hard fan indeed 😂😂😂
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You people say that 5SOS isn’t “punk rock” or “punk” at all, and that might be true with their specific music. But I am scrolling through a Pierce the Veil tag on here and I have seen then come up with a shit ton of other rock and metal bands like five times. Guys, they are not pop. They are not One Direction. If you’ve ever actually seen them, no they are not the ‘cool kids’, but they are awesome and need to stop getting all this shit about not being punk or rock. They have one full length album, they are new. Give them some time to put their staple in the music world.

People (like me) talk about this whole ‘punk’ thing about this band because some of the fans (I’m not saying you so don’t get mad at me pls) keep calling them ‘punk’

I don’t hate the band (I just dislike their music) and I have no problem if you like them but well, same fans just won’t stop calling the band that so idk 

I know they’re not like 1D, they’re a band at least and I respect them for that.

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14/30 photos of Zacky Vengeance.