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why i love bands so much ;

i just think many people i know may wonder why i love bands this much so here it is,

bands never let me down like people always do. like, you know, people make you sad all the time.

bands are never gonna leave - although every band comes to an end but they’ll always be in your heart. they won’t leave even if they die.

bands never make you feel like a freak. i once told Nikki Sixx that people make me feel like i’m a freak, Nikki told me not to care about them and told them to go fuck themselves (:

bands make you feel loved because they care. you can totally say that by looking at Austin Carlile or Vic Fuentes. even Axl Rose still cares about his fans.

and you know, how bands always take their precious time just to check on the fans. that’s so amazing!

so yeah, this is why i love bands so much that i actually hate other people. (:

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It’s not love if it’s just fucking’

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all you need to know about zack is right here in this gif set

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